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How to hire quickly and still hire the right talent

1. Re-evaluation of your current recruitment processes

Generally speaking, recruiters are happy to hire quickly but are often bogged down by the process or working with internal stakeholders (like Hiring Managers).  
Your hiring process should differ based on the type of role you’re recruiting for.  If you’re hiring for Specialist roles (or hard to fill), that’s another story.  The most important part of this is an internal agreement of how the process is going to work (and not changing mid-flight).

2. Fast track interviews

Moving to the interview stage quickly, and with multiple candidates will help you reach a decision on candidate suitability much quicker than extended periods of telephone screening.

3. Utilise Employee Referral networks

Chances are, your current employees will already know what they like about working for you - it could be your awesome work culture, the autonomy they’re allowed in their role or the ability to work on some of the great projects you have coming up.  Developing an Employee Referral program where the referrer (or both referrer and referee) are remunerated can work well to recruit talent.  Let’s face it: Eveyrone wants to work with their friends. But chances are, if you’re recruiting for a Tech Lead, your current employees may know someone great. Employee Referral programs are incredibly cost-effective and have a nice flow-on effect to boosting your EB. Win win!

4. Going Native

‍‘Going Native’ is a little like fishing where the fish are - this means getting really clear on who your ideal candidates are: How do they consume media? What social channels do they use? If you’re recruiting for Tech talent, you may have more success with platforms like Discord and Twitter than LinkedIn.

5. Review the job description

‍Instead of irrelevant guff about the company and long lists of bullet points, look objectively at the job description - is it enticing? Does it bring to life the opportunity for candidates? Does it highlight the types of benefits that are the most appealing to candidates? And is it competitive? Why not use video and have the Hiring Manager talk to the growth agenda of the business?

6. Focus on content marketing and socials

‍This is where Employer Branding and Marketing intersect: how does your company present on socials? How are your company values highlighted in your content? What are some of your Employee Stories? What do they love about working for you? The content will form part of a traditional marketing funnel, engaging active and passive candidates.