How it works

Make hiring simple and find the right talent

Only 15% of job ads on job boards are filling roles with the right candidates. Use compelling, on-brand job ads to show people why they’d love working for you. Find the right talent for your role (even in a competitive job market). And do it quickly.

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Recruit faster for multiple roles

Upgrade your plan to create a truly engaging Careers page.

Keep all of your most appealing, talent-catching employer branding in one place and direct your candidate traffic there. This page does the heavy lifting for you. Add the link to your company’s home page and use your website to support your recruitment.

Get started quickly and easily

No need to request a demo or make a payment. You don’t have time to jump through hoops.
A mockup of building a job ad in Jobtale
A mockup of creating a job ad in Jobtale

Use guided prompts to create best practice job ads

First-time users follow guided prompts to create a best practice job ad easily. Feel confident – your job ad is not only beautiful and functional, but informative, engaging and on-brand. And it’s worth taking some time to get your ad just right – it gets saved for you to quickly use again next time.

Customise your job ad with content blocks

Editing your job ad is seriously easy. A range of optional content blocks bring your employee experience and company culture to life, showing people what it’s like to work for you. Use video, photos and team profiles to stand out in a sea of text-based ads. To attract the right talent in this tight job market, start putting your best foot forward.
A mockup of creating a job ad in Jobtale
Referrals help secure great talent. Leverage your network with Jobtale to find the right talent fast.

Get the industry advantage

Let top talent come directly to you

We all know those rare birds that are not actively looking for a new role. So once you catch their attention with a referral from your network, let them schedule a quick 10-minute chat directly into your Hiring Leader’s calendar. Make it really easy for great talent to make a meaningful connection with you.

Give your candidates a world-class experience

Don't let good candidates slip away. Make it really easy for them to apply for your job. Let them email you directly for a personal connection, or simply add in your ATS apply link.

Boost your employer brand through employee-generated content

Storytelling helps you attract talent directly. Share what your current employees like about working for your company, what first attracted them and how they’ve grown since they began with you. Let your candidates start imagining the possibilities.

Build an enticing Careers page

Do you have more than one role to fill? Create a seriously exciting Careers page for your website. Keep all of your talent-catching employer brand info in one place, and let people see all of your open positions. Direct your internal applications with just one link. Attract your web visitors to the exciting job opportunities you have open. Don’t waste the chance – use your website to support your recruitment.

Make it easy to attract the right candidates

You don’t have the time or the budget to jump through clunky, expensive hoops (that often lead you nowhere anyway).

Build a library of reusable job ads, enjoy shareable links to go anywhere, and archive or publish your ads at any time. You can even use your ATS apply link, so you can still manage your applications within the ATS. Discover Jobtale’s personal touches that make finding the right talent truly simple.