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Learning & FAQs

Awesome resources to help you build the best job ads in the world

Want to create best practice job ads that attract the right candidates? Good news. You’re in the right place. Find awesome resources jam-packed with useful tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a job ad

I want to add photos of my team to one of the content blocks. What file type and size should the images be?

Add photos of your team into the ‘Team’ block.  We recommend you use JPG, PNG or GIF file type.  Recommended size is 140 x 140 px.

I want to add video to one of my content blocks. How do I do that?

At the moment, we only accept videos that are uploaded to a YouTube channel. So upload your video to YouTube first, and then we need the YouTube video URL link. Here’s a short video on how to get your URL from YouTube.

What are the file types and sizes for our company logo?

We recommend you use JPG, PNG or GIF file type. Recommended size is 140 x 140 px.

What are the file types and sizes for our company banner?

We recommend you use JPG, PNG or GIF file type. Recommended size is 1200 W x 100 H px.

How do I make sure that our company brand colours are correct in the job ad?

The simplest way is to use your company's hex colour code. Simply select one brand colour that will be used as the basis for your job ad. It needs to be dark enough to have white text on it, keeping it accessible to low vision viewers.

You can also use RGB+A value to set your colour, or choose from the colour picker if you need to adjust.

What are the different types of content blocks?

There are two different categories of content blocks: basic content blocks and pre-designed ‘smart’ blocks.  From basic blocks, you can include:

  • Text
  • Image(s)
  • Bullet list
  • Video (from a YouTube link)

From the pre-designed ‘smart blocks’, you can include:

  • Flexible Working Details
  • Remote Working Details
  • Autonomy in the job
  • Finding meaning in the job
  • Diversity, enquiry + inclusion
  • Perks
  • Values
  • Book a chat (Calendly, Contact details)

The ‘smart blocks’ are where the juicy information lives. This is what today’s candidates really want to know. Include as many of these in your ad as you can to attract the best-suited candidates.

Is there a limit to how many content blocks I can include in my job ad?

No. But there is a minimum number of content blocks to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward and turning more clicks into candidates.

Are there mandatory components to the job ad?

Yes. Here’s what you need to include in every ad:

  • Position title
  • Location
  • What type of job is it?
  • Job description
  • Responsibilities

The rest is up to you. Consider: what do you want people to know about your company? Do you have an amazing team to shout out? How can you stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market? And finally, what do candidates really want to know, to feel more sure it’s the role and the company for them?

How do I create best practice job ads?

Recruitment has changed. Do you briefly outline a role and hope quality talent (that also fits your team like a well-worn t-shirt) will come knocking? It’s not enough anymore.

You need to think like a marketer. Stop focusing only on your company and your needs. Start answering your candidate’s most fundamental question: what’s in it for them?

Your job ad should show them:

  1. Why the job is a great opportunity.
  2. How it will improve their career and their life.
  3. Why they would enjoy working for you.

Kelly Stone, founder of Craft My Content, explains that you must learn to communicate how you (your opportunity) and the applicant can create mutual value. But that’s not only to attract great candidates – it also helps you filter out poorly-suited ones.

Using Jobtale to showcase your team, your company and your values as well as outlining the candidate’s direct role, will help you sell the opportunity. But it will also help candidates see whether they fit well within your team and your business. More people will apply for the job, and they’ll all be better-suited to it too. We highly recommend Kelly’s article above for some stellar tips on how to pack your job ad with the juicy bits (that candidates really want to know).

Which job ads are most appealing to candidates?

Unsurprisingly, humans want to work for human-centred brands. What job ads hit the mark with the brightest talent? The ones that emphasise the emotional benefits (‘What’s in it for me?’), as well as being straight up and transparent with jobseekers. Kelly Stone, Founder of Craft My Content explains more and offers some useful tips on how to make your ads more appealing.

Here’s four quick tips from us to make your ads more appealing:

  1. Include video. Video increases engagement at every stage of the job application.
  2. Include the salary range being offered. Everyone needs to know this.
  3. Display a strong agenda for diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s increasingly important. (Make sure you follow through in your actual role and workplace.)
  4. If you can offer remote or flexible working, you should. It’s here to stay.

How many job ads can I have open during my 90-day free trial?

On our free plan, you can have one live job ad for up to 90 days. You can edit this ad as many times as you need, but your live job ad space will expire after 90 days. If you’re anything like the others, by then you’ll have seen how well Jobtale works and you’ll feel ready to commit to a paid plan.

Editing your job ad

My job is live but I want to make some changes. How do I do that?

You can access all your live and draft job ads from the dashboard, and edit them as you need. Once edited, you can publish the changes to go live immediately.

Sharing your job ad

Where do I share my job?

At Jobtale, we believe your existing employees and Hiring Managers are the best way to attract talent. They have strong networks you can make use of. And 87% of companies agree – referrals are the best way to attract great people.

So once your job ad is live, share it with your employees and suitable social channels. Consider: where might your ideal candidates be spending time? It might be platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, or TikTok. You can share the link via email and SMS too. Use Jobtale to leverage your networks so you stand out from the crowd.

Can Jobtale work with other platforms like Seek or LinkedIn?

It makes sense to share your job on your LinkedIn company page, and to anyone in your network that you think is a good match via LinkedIn messenger. But Jobtale isn’t integrated with LinkedIn Recruiter, Seek or any other job board.

Why? Because our job ads are designed to be more engaging with dynamic content types, and job boards don’t support these types of ads. We’re reimagining job ads into content that’s informative, engaging and irresistible so that you can attract top talent, faster.

Can I invite other people in my company to edit my job ad?

We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you even more features. The first of these will be multi-user support, so keep your eye out. It’s not too far away.

Creating multiple job ads

What do I do if I have more than one job?

No worries. Upgrade your free plan to a ‘Stand Out’ plan, with three live job ad spaces. This plan is suited to companies or Hiring Leaders filling up to 12 positions a year. (Tip: just copy details into the next job ad to save time.)

And when you have more than one live job open? We stack these additional jobs in your company details page, so your employees can share all of your available jobs in just one link.

How do I share my Careers page to my own website?

Simply add the link to your own Careers section on your website. It couldn’t be easier. You can also share the link to your Careers page on social media, email or SMS to direct all of your candidate traffic to one place.

Managing job applicants

How do I manage job applicants?

You have two options for managing your applications. First, you can connect Jobtale to your ATS to keep everything together. But we know that not everyone needs to use an ATS, so you can also simply add an email address and let candidates send you their details directly. Easy.

Applying for a job

How does the ‘one click apply’ process work?

You’ve created an engaging job ad and maybe even had a quick chat with a great candidate. Impressed? Don’t let them slip away just because it’s hard to apply for your job. (Don’t kid yourself: they’re still looking elsewhere, too.)

Let them apply for your job with just one click, bringing everything they need together in one easy process. Create a world-class candidate experience.


How does the 90-day free trial work?

Commitment is hard. We get it. And you don’t even know us. According to market research, the average time it takes to fill a position is 87 days. 87 must be a good number, because 87% of companies also say that referrals are the best way to find great talent. Well we want you to have the best crack at filling your role through referrals in your networks, so you can save time and money.

So when you sign up to get started, you get to use Jobtale completely free for 90 days. And if you enjoy the same success as others before you, then after 90 days we know you’ll feel ready to jump on board.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. We don’t lock you into any contracts. (Because we know that we don’t need to. Uhuh, we’re that confident.)

What happens if I exceed my job limit for the month?

It’s really quick and easy to go up or down plans when you need to. We won’t lock you into anything. So we recommend choosing the right plan for your company based on how many open roles you have right now.

What happens after my free trial ends?

Your job ad will be archived and your content saved, until you’d like to upgrade to a paid plan. You can choose to delete your account too. Of course, if you’re anything like the others, then you’ll be feeling 100% confident about starting on a paid plan. You’ve just discovered how much money Jobtale saves you, after all.

What’s included in my trial plan?

In your free trial, you have 90 days to try out the guided ad builder and explore your helpful dashboard analytics. In that time, you’ll have one live job ad which you can edit as often as you like. (Yep, phew, you have a bit of time to snag your team on video and add it in.) After 90 days are up, it’s time to make the call: to Jobtale or not to Jobtale?

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade (or even cancel) at any time, and it’s really quick and simple to do so. Easy.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. There are absolutely no lock-in contracts. Use Jobtale whenever and however it suits you.

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

No. There’s nothing worse than committing with your credit card deets and then forgetting to cancel if you’re not happy. Get started quickly, easily and completely free.

After 90 days, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, choosing a size depending on how many open roles you have. And that’s when you’ll need to enter your credit card.

Although even then you don’t give your card information to us, you give it to our secure payment partner, Stripe, trusted around the world for secure credit card payments.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

When it’s time, you’ll need to pay with a credit card through our trusted and secure payment partner, Stripe.


Can I integrate my calendar?

If you want to make use of the ‘Schedule a Chat’ option, you can add your Calendly or other booking link to help the candidate find the right time. Otherwise, you can allow a candidate to simply give you a call or an email to work out a good time.

Can I integrate my ATS?

Not at this stage. Why? Because we’re focused on the candidate experience first. Don’t worry, we know how easy it is when all of your tech is speaking to each other. Integrations will come soon. And for now, use your ATS apply link so your candidate applications can still be managed within the ATS.